(Resolved) Getting my BTC out

Sorry for what appears to be my complete lack of knowledge but I cannot send my btc to another address. This whole PRV needed issue is beyond me. I’d previously sent from Incognito without hassle (years ago) I can’t seem to acquire any PRV. If anyone can help in plain retard English i’d very much appreciate it. Jolls

I have the same problem, just trying to swap some BTC to PRV.
Entered the BTC amount 0.0001 BTCand the incognito transaction shows 0.001 BTC
the PRV is not showing up in my wallet ater 15 minutes.
Please help

Post your address, some fairies may send you some PRV.

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I honestly can’t see how to acquire an address, Im not sure of the receive option. :man_shrugging:t2:as I said, I need more explanation in simple terms. Basic Functionality is so unnecessarily difficult in this app now.

? This 🫤

Go to More > Keychain.

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I don’t know what that is, doesn’t look like an incognito address.



That’s it, I sent you 1 PRV.

My address is 12sqMs38VVjSKedSDPjgarmTZAt8eTd8wecuz37J3uuVkXAweZDgFd9ZprCLbF7gt9hVH8VNXYqtHCktguid5fs3HUsktRPniTmRvmPTjPw5LHs3f6SEhTwqT3bFb9Tor8bsgspVfGrbTqXJByWk
If you are feeling generous.


Thanks for the help with that, however I’m trying to send and it’s been “calculating fee…” for over 15mins with no progress. Is that usual?

No it’s not usual, what are you trying to send?

Bitcoin to a another Bitcoin address using the Bitcoin network

Force close the app and restart your device. Make sure your internet connection is strong as well.

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Same issue

Fixed issue by using image instead of address :+1:t3:

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