(Resolved) App glitches are so bad

I have been trying to access my wallet for the last few days but I can’t get past the home page of the incognito app without it crashing - I can’t access earn, wallet, community, or provide through the app anymore. This has been going on for a while now and the issue only seems to be getting worse. How do I access my funds?

This issue needs to be resolved ASAP. At this point I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my peers in fear we would all lose our currencies.

Hello @sillyhippo,

We have zero reports of other users not being able to access their app. This sounds device specific to only your device. Please reinstall the app and you should be good to go. Also check for any updates.


Maybe you’ve got a filtered connection, or, you’re using a VPN with a filter. From my side I never had those difficulties as well. You can try the desktop version, running as a Google Chrome add-on.


Hello @sillyhippo,

Just following up, were you able to get your app working again? Are you using Android or iOS? What version of app and OS?

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This seems to be what is happening to me