RECAP - October PRV Holders Call

To everyone who attended the October call, thank you! It was wonderful to get to share our successes and plans with you, and hear your thoughts about privacy and Incognito use cases.

If you happened to miss the call, don’t fret. You can rewatch it below, and comment your answers to the questions we asked in the call.

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An overview of the call:

  1. September results [5:12]
  2. October goals [20:10]
  3. Growth/research initiatives, builder rewards [29:07]
  4. Penny for your thoughts [41:41]
  5. Answering your questions [1:06:11]

After going over some all-time-highs for Incognito and various other successes of the past month, we laid out October’s goals, and asked you questions like:

  • What is a use case for blockchain technology that interests you?
  • What is the best use case for Incognito’s technology?
  • Which products or industries need privacy in order to survive?

The answers were insightful and valuable, so if you have thoughts, don’t hesitate to reply to this post!

What’s next

We’ll be back next month for another call, so be on the lookout for the RSVP post for the November PRV Holders Call here at! And if you have questions or suggestions for topics in the next call, share your thoughts in reply to this post.

See you around!

  • The biggest use for crypto at the moment is on the DeFi space.
    Attracting DeFi builders to fork eth Defi protocols on Incognito and using pDEX as Uniswap for Private Defi! This would also grow the uses cases of PRV if the coin is used to stake on those smart contract!

  • The second important use should be for our online shopping using platform like CoinPayments , that lists monero as well, as a gateway between crypto and FIAT.

If we think at Incognito as the only , privacy by default, interoperable and with private smart contract and DEX Chain ; the uses cases could be many! (Lets think at the actual uses cases for the other blockchains).

I was thinking also a pUSD pegged to the dollar value by depositing PRV and other stablecois as collateral! In that way there are already some privacy projects as well but they are mainly based only on that and they are all buildt on ETH.

At the moment the most people looking for privacy in the payments system are using hard cash. With the scenario of the COVID 19 accellerating the adoption of virtual payments and the CBDC on the horizon we could expect a migration of those cash into privacy focused and well established crypto payment protocols.

Actually products like VPN, privacy phones,proxy providers shouldn t exist without privacy, just to name a few.
All those phisycal business where the customer or the seller require privacy !
On a biggest scale could also useful for whales to mask transaction and balances!