Really? >90% price impact ?

Hello everyone,
I’ve tried to place a limit order buying XMR
paying with PRV since april 1st with no success

Now trying a swap, the app shows over 90% price impact for BTC & over 80% price impact for USDT

isn’t it crazy?

Thinking there is no practical use for PRV if it can’t be exchangeable into any other crypto

Any thoughts?

Thanking you in advance

This is just the new price. The price with slippage is the fair market price (around 2-3¢)

Why is the price of PRV fixed at $ 0.1012 in the market page in the app?

With all due respect, what do you mean by saying “this is just the new price”?

I’ve adressed two concerns
a) limit orders not being executed after 15 days
b) swap’s “price impact” of 80-90%

the above make owning PRV a real problem because it can’t be converted into any other crypto

a price impact of aprox 80%
implies that PRV price of 0.1012 isn’t real
the real price after the price impact is around
0.0202 :bangbang:

Correct. The new market price is about $0.02 now. They just don’t update the price on the main page.

@binthere2 - As much as I hate it, I have to agree with @slabb, the reality is that the actual PRV price is currently hovering around 0.02 which drops by a large magnitude with very small trades (2 digit dollar value trades as an example), driven by practically no liquidity.

The core team takes several weeks/months to come up with something that you’d normally see turnarounds in a matter of hours or a couple of days - in other “healthy” projects.

If the question is around the real value and use/utility of the PRV token, I don’t have an answer and unfortunately I think there isn’t much left for what its worth.

Prices not updating in real time (or reflecting the real/true value) for PRV and other tokens in the Incognito mobile app is a problem that has existed for at least the last 5-6 months now. So I believe it’s probably not considered as a bug/issue by the team but there’s probably a reason why it stays that way?!?

For those of you who are following privacy in crypto as a broader topic, you know that Railgun (a project built by developers who were heavily invested in the Incognito project as part of the community before things started going sideways and they left) was recently re-endorsed by Vitalik (Ethereum founder). I can do a separate post on what other privacy projects in this space are doing (FAST) relative to what I see for Incognito and the pace of the core team here.

Anyway, I don’t intend to start or spread any type of FUD here. All I want to do is continue raising my concerns and voice them out to the community for what’s left on here, while we still have a chance.


I think there’s still a chance, but only if we start seeing real things addressing all the issues. I’d give it another month at the most before I’d say it’s time to realize it’s not improving or recovering.

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