Reached the highest TPS for fully confidential transactions πŸš€

Hi guys!
I want to share some news about our latest achievements in increasing TPS numbers on Incognito chain.

Last month @hieutran with his team implemented Batch Verification Technique to increase Incognito throughput.

Achieved awesome results and it’s just the beginning

Currently, with 8 shards active, Incognito can handle 100 TPS. With a full deployment of 64 shards, Incognito can handle 800 TPS β€” a significantly higher number than that of other privacy blockchains, which usually top out at less than 10 TPS.


What’s next?

We are going to keep working on increasing TPS numbers. The goal is 800 TPS for fully confidential assets.

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@andrey is the current performance really a 100 tps??? Because it doesn’t look like it

Why not? Based on what you made the assumptions? Please share more details.

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I just initiated some few txs when the chain wasn’t that overloaded and it took me for abt 2 min before my txs were completed. And then there is not txs history showing in pstake account ( maybe a bug )

Do you have any update on that?

Have a look to that thread