PRV Price History has stalled on these 2 websites

The PRV Price history on these 2 locations seems to have stalled:

  1. The “Markets” area on pDEX for PRV-USD pairs - and (No data after 23 Feb 2022)

Hey @inccry, I believe you look after the site above, right?

  1. (No data after 29 Dec 2021)


  • Is the team going to back-fill the data on these 2 sites and maintain the PRV-USD price feeds moving forward?

  • If not, where’s the best source of truth for historical PRV price data that I can download to a CSV / Excel file?


@inccry has passed ownership over to @sid’s team. They are working hard on getting it back up and running. In the meantime please reference and

After our upgrade to pDEX v3 they no longer pull our data. We have reached out to them and are awaiting a reply.

The devs are working on a way to allow users to pull wallet data for records keeping/tax preparation purposes.


The newest version of the app now has a button to export a CSV with all account information. Please check it out.

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Hey Jared, awesome stuff.

I’ve checked out the CSV Export feature and have provided more feedback on some bugs I’ve found and some feature requests in this post - CSV Export - Some Bugs & Feature Requests

Just FYI, the PRV historical price is not available via the CSV Export (in it’s current form), but I have provided a feature request to have USD price data added to the CSV Export.


This is so, so, so important. Honestly the CSV is rendered practically useless without the price data being able to be paired with it. I would be so happy if this was made a reality =D

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