CSV Export - Some Bugs & Feature Requests

First of all, a HUGE thank you to all the Developers who were involved in building the “CSV Export” function. It is an essential feature and is very much appreciated.

@Jared, I found some bugs and want to provide some feature requests. Can you please forward to the Incognito dev team? Many thanks.


  1. The Date Format after opening the CSV in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets displays the wrong value.
    Let me provide an example: There is a date in my CSV file that is “03/12/2022 05:45:05” After opening the date in Excel and Google Sheets the Date comes in as 3rd December 2022 (wrong date).
    HOW TO FIX: Please change the Date Value to be of a more internationally recognised format- I.E. DD-Mmm-YYYY HH:MM:SS Example: 03-Dec-2022 22:22:22
    Use 24 Hour format for time value.

  2. Missing Wallet Names for internal Wallet-to-Wallet transactions
    Let’s say I have 2 different wallets on the same keychain as I’m running 2 vNodes. I often send and receive coins between the 2 wallets. With the CSV Export, there’s no way for me to tell what is the Source wallet (that one sending the coins) and the Destination Wallet (the wallet receiving the coins).
    HOW TO FIX: Provide more details in the “TxType” column.
    At the moment if I’m sending from one internal wallet to another, the value for “TxType” is “Send” (not very helpful). You should provide more detail for example “Sent to - %Wallet-Name%”. Conversely for the wallet receiving coins, have the “TxType” value “Received from - %Wallet-Name%” where “%Wallet-Name%” is the user defined friendly Wallet Name.
    When Sending coins to external address outside of Incognito, please modify the “TxType” value to be “Sent to - %External-Wallet-Address%”


  1. Add a column for “Send USD Amount” for each send transaction
    What’s missing is a column for the US Dollar value that was sent out of the wallet. For example, I sent 85.432 PRV on 3rd Dec 2021, it would be great to know the US Dollar value for this transaction.
    I’m sure your developers have access the US Dollar price history for PRV (and other coins), so all you need to do is provide that multiplication of the Column “Send Quantity” and the PRV:USD Value.
    Please add this column to the right of “Send Currency”

  2. Add a column for "Received USD Amount"
    This is pretty much the same as the above request but adding a column the the right of “Receive Currency”

  3. Add a column for “Fee USD Amount”.
    This would be pretty much the same as the above request but adding a column the the right of “Fee Currency”

  4. Add a column for “Memo” to the right of "TxType"
    I think one of the BEST feature in the Incognito wallet is the ability to add a “Memo” to a transaction. I use this feature a lot and it would be great to have this data included in the CSV Export.

  5. Please provide more details for the “TxType” value “Convert Token”
    It would be nice to know what tokens were converted that results in this fee being charged. Example: If I convert LTC to XMR, set the TxType value “Convert Token - LTC to XMR”

Please feel free to chime in on this thread with other ideas to improve the CSV Export feature.


Got it. I’ve pinged the devs and let them know about this.


Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Please! :upside_down_face: