Prv outlook

I’ve been with the project about 4 years. I purchased a large amount of prv at the height of the market.

I’ve seen it proposed that prv initially fell with the most recent crash from around 2.70usd/prv to about .13usd/prv.

Then unexpected it dropped to .7usd/prv because of an issue with swapping and recovered to .10usd/prv, where we currently sit.

If the value was tied to the market, why are we not seeing a recovery, why did the price not recover to .13usd/prv?

I want to continue to support this project but at this point I’m concerned I’m going to be left holding the bag.

Does any one else feel this, or am I out of touch.


Speaking of which. and are still delusionally claiming that the price is $0.1301 USD/PRV. Where is this traded?

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I hadn’t noticed that. That is also pretty strange. I feel like if you look there are strange inconsistencies all over incognito.

Thank you for pointing this out @fredlee. Both of those price indicators have been corrected.

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