PRV Collateralized Debit Positions

I was just thinking it would be really cool if there was a way to somehow do a PVR CDP. I think there would be some challenges inorder to do that if I’m correct and the team is already building some really cool stuff. I was just thinking about it and was wondering if anyone else thought this would be cool?

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As the project is relatively new, it’s kind of hard to gauge what will happen with the price of PRV, which makes giving loans more risky. As time goes on, I’m sure it will come to Incognito. Right now, we could probably integrate other loan platforms into Incognito using pCoins. But that would require shielding/unshielding and definitely KYC.

I wonder if people would take visa gift cards as a payment method for their collatorized loan? Just to keep the privacy aspect private.


I would use gift card, no KYC… People do illegal activities with cash, and yes a small percentage will with any crypto as well…


Gift cards, possible! KYC, no way! Why are we here?

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Yeah I’d use gift cards to keep it private too. I think this could work of course it would have complications especially at beginning. I also think this could possibly work without KYC that would be a bit more tricky but could possibly be done using a liquidity pool type of method like how the Dex is. I don’t know how to build it but after reading code of other projects and looking at how liquidity pools are done this could possibly be a good way around KYC. You’d earn the interest from someone taking a CDP if you are a liquidity pool provider. The price of PRV would be the main problem since the price isn’t as stable. I love doing research and finding out how things work. I wish I had the technical skills to try and build this as a test rather than just research and think about how it could be built and implemented.

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