(Processing) Staking Service vs. Provide

I have a pending withdrawal from Provide but now that it’s the Staking Service, any chance it’s stuck? It’s been more than 5 days.

ID: 6396885

Hello @Josh_Hamon,

I show ID 6396885 should be towards the top of the list to be withdrawn.

The app has been updated to reflect withdrawals should be expected to take 5 - 7 days.

Thanks, maybe in the future when someone looks at their history there would be a way for them to see the completed transaction?

There is an area to see pending and successful transactions with provide.

From the app home screen click Provide > then click the button at the bottom Provider History. Here you can see a list of your provide transactions.

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Right but if that screen also showed "last transaction ID was 6396880, I would see that my transaction is 5 away. Then I wouldn’t need to bug you

Ah, I understand what you are saying now. I’m not sure that would work. My understanding of the system is this:

There is a pool for small transactions to pull from. This is why they process faster. Larger transactions will require vNodes to be un-staked and thus can take longer.

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