Been here for a while and I can see that the team does not seem to consider the privacy at the very first priority. For example, this burning address issue has been addressed for almost a month and it seems there is no action taken.

Another is the recent post of @1393nd about the decoy selection algorithm, which has been found years ago on the Monero chain and could totally break the privacy of Incognito’s transactions. No one responsible jumped in and explained or took any action. If this is not what we focus and enhance, then what? This makes me wonder if Incognito’s first priority is privacy or not.

Still, actions speak louder than words. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

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Privacy being the point of the Incognito project, it’s at least somewhat important :wink:

They’re certainly good things to bring up, but I’m not sure why you think no action is being taken. In the first post, there is an entire conversation around the topic, with the resolution being that @hiennguyen says the fix will be included in the coming Privacy v.2 update.

As for the second post, @duc responded the same day it was posted to explain that devs are looking into it and will be back shortly with an update.


hmm, it thought it was the first priority of the project.

Why not stated it in the first place but after I placed the question about the progress. @hiennguyen mentioned she would add codes to fix the problem, but now it’s delayed. For me, this means that the problem is not quite as big as I think, or at least the core team did not think that this is a big problem

Got the answer by @hieutran. Another promise, let’s see what will happen.

I was being facetious when I said “at least somewhat important”. Of course I meant it’s the most important focus of the project. I apologize for the confusion.

But yes, ultimately these things take time to fix. We’re on it either way.


You started a second thread only to talk about the what you said in first thread…

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Maybe because I thought it was important.

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