Potential forks of integrated projects

So Ethereum’s EIP-1559 has just been greenlit and it got me thinking about something that I think is very important for us Incognito users.

What will we do if a project like Ethereum forks? I think this is important for us to discuss as it could be very contentious if it’s not approached correctly. What will happen with the forked assets? What fork will we support? Should/could we support both, and what would that mean for the team? How will this affect ptokens, pdex, provide etc.?

I vote that in the case that something like this should happen that we get ptoken versions of whatever coin forks and if it’s not much trouble we should support any forks that happen. This would be the fairest solution IMO but I want to hear everyone’s thoughts on this because I’m sure I don’t know a lot of the nuance that comes with situations like this.


A difficulty bomb will be set onto the old chain so the result of the hard fork will be only 1 outcome…no choice will be given as far as support of another version of eth


How does the difficulty bomb work?

He’s basically saying they will update ETH to make it harder to mine and unsustainable so that they push people to switch over to ETH 2.0

To be honest, this is most likely whats going to happen. ETH is going to be able to be convertible to ETH 2.0 (one way transaction) and mining ETH is going to be made so it’s not economically viable, the only way to earn ETH 2.0 is via staking. For example EIP 1559 recently got greenlit which many mining pools were against. The ball is already starting to roll in that direction.


Just pinging @andrey and @Ducky on this…

The Ethereum Berlin fork (https://blog.ethereum.org/2021/03/08/ethereum-berlin-upgrade-announcement/) is finally happening today/tomorrow! Hoping that we can get an update as to whether the team is working on handling this fork. Please let us know when you can!