PNode fully staked

So I’m debating on fully staking one of my PNodes of the 1750 PRV. I know it’s varies but what is a good monthly average return of PRV on a staked node… I know you get 100% earnings but truthfully iv never paid attention to what my pnode was pulling prestaked.


@Daniel_Troup, when your pnode is randomly selected to earn, it usually pulls in close to 11 PRV per epoch. If it earns for all three epochs of an earning cycle, you’ll be getting close to 33 PRV.

Note that earning selection is random, and currently an individual node’s odds of selection are decreasing as more nodes come online; however, odds should increase again sometime next year when core-team validator spots transition into community slots and more shards are added.

Because odds are decreasing, I can’t give you an accurate estimate of how much your node might earn you per month, but, based on some of the numbers I’ve seen, and according to some of the validators I have talked to, it could be anywhere between 45% and 92% APR currently. Someone else here might be able to give you a better average ROI, based on whatever data they’ve been able to harvest.

With all this said, from my perspective, if you only have enough to stake a single node, I recommend leaving your pnode as funded staking. Take your 1750 PRV and spin up a vnode instead. If you need someone to do this for you, I recommend @Fitz_Fiat runs an amazing service widely renowned by the Incognito community.

The reason I recommend a vnode is because funded staking is only available for pnodes. You can’t get it for vnodes. So why not take advantage of your funded staking and leverage yourself another node? I think if you want to maximize your current earning potential, two nodes, one funded and one fully staked, will be better than one fully staked pnode.