pBTC Payserver or a PRV PAYSERVER or a pETH Payserver?

I have seen that a few businesses can accept privacy coins directly from the incognito network without unshielding. I have only recently got my own opensource BTC payserver up and running for a small business I am connected with. It occurred to me that having the equivalent of a BTCPAYSERVER for the INCOGNITO network of shielded privacy coins would be a powerful adoption feature and strengthen the incognito network since businesses with an INCOGNITO PAYSERVER could accept all the shielded privacy coins at point of sale without having to exit the incognito network. The ability for folks to integrate easily INCOGNITO into their webservers and raspberry pi’s would be a wonderful product for the INCOGNITO END USERS.

Is this already a project under consideration-- the creation of some functional equivalent of BTCpayserver that generates receive addresses for shielded coins as INCOGNITO point of sales?

Just wondering…


Great idea, I would say you should bring this up on the next PRV holders call on Oct 2.

I like this idea—I personally don’t think it’s something that the team itself should work on as it’s perfect for the builder community. Anyone can build if they see value in wanting to build it. A builder can even get some funding after a community vote every month.

It could be taken a step further and incorporate the shielding process into each transaction. The paying customer can use Incognito’s private network or the native networks and the merchant will receive private coins into their wallet :slight_smile:

Welcome to incognito by the way! Great idea :slight_smile:

I think this is a good idea


Hey @Northhill would you like to build the INCOGNITO PAYSERVER and include it to the builder rewards program ?

@andrey First, I want to compliment you on how calm, cool and collected you are in your online discussions which I have been following. Keep up the good work at quietly and dialectically embracing the challenges which will in the long run strengthen the Incognito team’s legacy of an enduring network (assuming that it is released to the community as you hope to do as soon as possible).

In response to question, I am afraid I do not have the required skill-set to build the Incognito Payserver and I suggested the idea in the hope that others might step up to the task.

Another idea (for which I also don’t have the skill-set to build) has also occurred to me which I wonder whether people in the Incognito community have talked about or proposed. How difficult would it be to have a means of connecting the Incognito network directly to the Lightning Network in such a way that I could open a Lightning channel to an incognito node/wallet capable of interacting with the incognito network? My own unannounced and relatively private lightning node (which I run) connected to the incognito network would be a powerful privacy preserving combination if feasible. I suppose this possibility overlaps with the Bitcoin trustless bridge points of contact with Incognito network. Could the trustless bridge approaches on bitcoin mainnet somehow be used in the lightning network to further increase privacy preservation at bitcoin’s point of contact with incognito?

There are so many possibilities to consider in this vast crypto space. I am sorry that I cannot help you explore and build some of these possibilities.


hey @Northhill, thanks for your interest in Incognito project. I’m wondering that INCOGNITO PAYSERVER you were talking about is something like Incognito full-node. In case you don’t know yet, anyone may run their own Incognito full-node and create (and send)transactions to it. The node then broadcasts the transactions into the network so you can treat the full-node as a point of sale for businesses. And just wanted to get you updated, the core team is working on building a completely new “full-node service” that will be more friendly to applications (a.k.a Incognito wallet first and external applications later). For now, you can look into the post to get your own full-node up and running.

Regarding BTC trustless bridge, Incognito chain is maintaining a Bitcoin header to do Simple Payment Verification in order to verify Bitcoin’s transaction inclusion. And we don’t have any sort of integration with Lightning network yet.

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