(Outdated post) Network Explorer

Hello guys, you might realize the incscan.io was not working and information is not updated. This is because of the transition from an old owner to a new one. The new team is going to maintain it but they need time to catch up and have sufficient knowledge for maintaining the existing features as well as new updates (eg. pDEX v3’s changes).

For that reason, the core team will roll out a temporary replacement (ETA: Monday, Nov 15) until the incscan’s transition completes and the new team is ready for maintenance.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


any progress on this? Whoops might of dug somthing up, havent been around in a while, but it’s currently not updated.

The ownership of https://Incscan.io was transferred to @sid and his team. They have not released an ETA for release.

The dev team has explorer.incognito.org and mainnet.incognito.org available to the community as replacements.

Do these options provide any historical PRV price charts? I dug around them and couldn’t find any.

Old price information can be found via 3rd party services. If you’re looking for a history of your trades you can click More and then CSV to export your wallet history.

Unfortunately both of the 3rd party price charting services stopped updating many months ago. I think this hurts adoption because new buyers naturally want to see how the PRV token has performed in the past.

Yes, we have reached out to the 3rd party services. Since pDEX v3 was released we have to get them to update our endpoints.

If you’re looking for recent price data you can click on the chart view from the app.

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Just FYI, my team has been working on transitioning this service over, although the progress has been very slow due to a few rolling resources. My team is very close to deploying an updated version of incscan.io that simply covers some of the fixes (post pDex v3) and restoration of the original service. The code is being migrated to a different host this week due to storage issues from the previous host.

We’ll then solicit inputs from the community for listing and prioritizing a list of enhancements, before deciding how to continue and deliver ongoing enhancements.

Thank you all for your patience and apologies for the unavailability of the service (and the delay in updating the community here).


@sid Glad to see you and your team still being around and working on incscan.io. Do you know when will the product be back up and ready for use? I believe you already saw in our recent newsletters that the team’s started working on rebuilding the network explorer and it would be unnecessary duplicated work if you guys are getting the incscan.io up and running very soon. Thanks.


One network explorer built by the core team and one made by a community member are both excellent together. Imho, the more interfaces available for data queries, the better.

We plan to release the first version of network explorer within this week. Community feedback will be welcome. :smiley:


@duc, yeah - the project is still on. We’ve had a couple of iterations of churn with a the two primary dev’s we hired for the project, so progress has been slow.

I expect the restoration of the original service (including basic fixes to support pdev v3) to be complete in about 2 weeks.

I may have missed the update the core team is doing for the explorer, but there may be synergies in collaborating and identifying what goes where. I agree with ducky’s comments that having another explorer is always a good idea - especially until we fully stabilize incscan and start iterating through the list of enhancements.


That’s great, I still believe that incscan.io is a great/complete product that is built by community builders and once it’s back up again and fully functional, the links in the app will point to it. The one that is built by the core team is just an alternative, especially in the case of incscan.io’s unavailability. Thanks again for your support @sid!