Orchid (OXT) - Joining Forces

Continuing the conversation from the PRV call tonight, brainstorming in what ways we could possibly collaborate with Orchid (OXT). I honestly thought it’d be a cool idea for Incog to offer a VPN type service, paid for with PRV, and that led me to finding Orchid (which has already come up with the VPN idea.)

Orchid token ( OXT ) is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. OXT is used to pay for the VPN services that Orchid provides from anywhere in the world. You can buy and trade OXT on Coinbase.

So, they are focused on providing privacy, just like we are.

@mesquka said he does have a connect with them and maybe could set up something with @andrey

Anyways, I don’t have much else to offer here besides the idea and starting a convo about it. What’s everyone’s thoughts? I think there’s something possibly beneficial to be had here, in sharing resources.


I’d also like to mention BitTorrent has it’s own crypto token on the Tron BlockChain. If we integrate Tron with incognito (TRC-10 tokens) we would be able to use BitTorrent infrastructure. I believe you can pay using BTT for faster torrent download speeds. The BTT get’s sent to the seeders to supply more bandwidth. Also they are developing a way to generate an income by hosting proxies. You will be able to pay people with BTT to use their internet as an endpoint. I think BitTorrent would love to be integrated with Incognito as privacy is important. I mention this because it’s similar to the VPN service mentioned above.


Thanks, @Mike_Despo @Revolve

Actually I just remembered, we had chat with someone from Orchid team. As I remember they mentioned that they are in US regulation space and don’t want to do any activity in privacy-focused space. To be honest, I am not sure how it goes against the regulation.

But let’s give one more try if @mesquka could introduce me it might help to push this forward.

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Looks like my contact has moved on from Orchid (seems like their team changed up a fair bit recently), so that’s a dead end.

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The US IRS is trying to crackdown on crypto privacy. I’m not sure what they would be able to do, but here is the article. https://cointelegraph.com/news/irs-wants-to-track-nefarious-privacy-coin-and-lightning-transactions


Thats cool. We probably should integrate more privacy coins to Incognito :slight_smile:


I work in IT and there is a lot of buzz around zero trust and SASE vs using VPN. In a nutshell, VPN Trusts a connection and then lets you move about a network(s). Whereas, Zero Trust actually trusts no one and always seeks to prove identity. It uses more of an Access Control list method to accomplish this. Gartner thinks 60% of enterprises will be using zero trust over vpn by 2023 or something like that.

Just food for thought.