Notification on Node Earnings

Is it possible to get a notification when your Node has produced PRV? Would love to know when there is any so that you can move it to my Staking Pool


Hi @andjosaus, I would love to have it, too. Let me ping the team to get an update.

For the time being, I will use @Nito to get the notification. You can give it a try.


Ditto here…totally agree big time with Andjosaus and Peter on being notified… :sunglasses:


How would you like to be notified? Push notification in the app?


For starters yea…I would think…what are other options?

It’s the only option I see possible without a privacy breach…but perhaps someone can make a telegram bot or something. Natively, and privately, I think it can only be a notification with the app but I’m not a dev or admin here. It’s a great idea to have notifications!

Yes, in-app notifications would be what we are looking for!

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There’s already a community made telegram bot @Nito


Welcome to the community …Gleek_Ga… :sunglasses:

I use the Nito bot with notifications on mobile…works well.

Nito bot of telegram? Do you have the instruction link to set up? Thanks

We actually already have app notification for Node earning, but there was a small glitch happened and our devs have been working on it now. We’ll keep you guys updated once the noti got back to town. :slight_smile:

@hieupham FYI: here is Nito bot: Josh_Hamon - Nito - a Telegram Bot for push notifications. If you need any help while setting up Nito, you can ask @Josh_Hamon for assistance.


Would definitely love a mobile notification somehow for Node earnings.

Also, @Ducky is there any way to also get notifications for if/when a node is down for some reason?? I hate to lose that kind of uptime :frowning:

Hey @walkonwayvs, I totally agree with you that mobile notification for Node down is truly essential and really helpful for keep tracking on Node activities. The good news is that that kind of notification is already mentioned in our to-do list, but atm I can’t promise you which day it would be on-air.

However, the next Node UI improvement will have a new feature where validators can know their Node status right on the screen, and the instruction on what to do if the Node goes down. Stay tuned! :wink:


I think if incognito can update the earning plus the balance in each node could be better than only update the earning

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Wow that all sounds great!! :smiley: