Node shipment

When is the shipment when buying a node? The shipment dates mentioned at the Get A Node tab still mentions August.

Mine took about a month from Vietnam to the states.


Hi @Joe_226, the shipping information you see on the app is a little bit outdated. We are going to update it soon.
If you buy a Node through this site: The shipping day is around November 1 - November 15.

Update: The date on the app was updated.

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@krazykrista If there isn’t any problem with the customs/ Covid-19 related things, it would be faster :slight_smile:

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Mine came from Vietnam and actually came remarkably fast, maybe it was the exception rather than the rule though :grinning:

Thank you

From HO CHI MINH to Kyiv, Ukraine - 15 days, including custom clearance


When we have new pnode or node tree promotion ? I want to join


Will a notice be emailed to me with tracking information when my has shipped?

Hi @Edson, you will be notified here ( if there is a promotion for them.

Hi @Djxyz, we will keep you posted via email when the tracking number is available.

Hey @Peter, just wondering if you guys started shipping out the of nodes? I ordered mine a little over a month ago. Thanks.

Hi @Joe_226, new Nodes are still on the way to the US. If you are a US user, the tracking number will be available no sooner than November 15, 2020.

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Ok thanks.

Hey @Peter, just wondering if the new nodes have been shipped already? It’s already Nov 16 and i still haven’t received any tracking number.

Hi @Joe_226, when it is shipped, we will keep you updated by sending the tracking number via email. We still need to do some checking with the US warehouse at this moment, so the tracking number is not available yet.