Node shipment

When is the shipment when buying a node? The shipment dates mentioned at the Get A Node tab still mentions August.

Mine took about a month from Vietnam to the states.


Hi @Joe_226, the shipping information you see on the app is a little bit outdated. We are going to update it soon.
If you buy a Node through this site: The shipping day is around November 1 - November 15.

Update: The date on the app was updated.

Image from iOS (77)

@krazykrista If there isn’t any problem with the customs/ Covid-19 related things, it would be faster :slight_smile:

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Mine came from Vietnam and actually came remarkably fast, maybe it was the exception rather than the rule though :grinning:

Thank you

From HO CHI MINH to Kyiv, Ukraine - 15 days, including custom clearance