Node monitor feature -> maintenance window alert

I have a feature suggestion for the node monitor tool. I have noticed with the new shortened epoch times my maintenance window is down to about 1 hour which is very stressful. I have multiple nodes on the same server which makes it difficult to find a real maintenance window, i.e. no nodes in comittee. I have tried looking at how long each node is until earning and how long committee nodes have remaining but it’s hard to calculate a true maintenance window.

It would be awes if the node monitor tool could review the data for listed nodes and do the math for me and tell me when my next maintenance window is and how long it will be for.

Anyone else think that would be useful?


Why do you have to regularly maintain your nodes? Ideally, the nodes should be running without any problem (or rarely have one).
If your nodes often need maintenance, I think they should be looked into to identify the problem first. The “maintenance window alert” feature would be unnecessary then.