Node abilities

Hey guys. Is there any way to disconnect and reconnect your node to a different account/wallet? Thanks!

Yes of course. It would require you to unstake and then restake to another wallet address. I will caution that this takes some time to complete both processes and I would not recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

Which node are you referring to? pNode or vNode?

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Why would you want to do that? What are you aiming for?

That’s what I was thinking I’d have to do. So itd take almost a month to have it switched over. Thank you

Hi @Tylor_Sumsion, Jared advised correctly if you are using a virtual Node.

However, if you are using a physical node. An associated key chain, which is created after you set up successfully, will be the permanent one.

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That is why I asked what he was doing precisely. Some advices given on the forum are correct, but only in specific scenarios. People should be more aware of that before advising newcomers. This could result in unneeded frustration.