No starting prv

So I’ve just gotten my wallet, and I’d like to deposit something, but there’s no initial PRV on it and I want to be sure that I won’t get my funds stuck with nothing to pay transaction fees.

Is this supposed to happen? Can I unshield without PRV? Can I trade for PRV without PRV to pay the transaction?

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Hi @metamancer, if you’d just downloaded Incognito app, you should have received 0.1 PRV in Anon account. We set up this distribution automatically so new users can pay tx fee for their initial transaction. this is restricted per device/ip, but if this is your first wallet it shouldn’t apply.

Also, tx fee in Incognito chain now is a very trivial matter, 0.1 initial PRV could help you to execute quite many transaction :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Ah, this makes sense.

It’s the second time I’ve installed the wallet, since I had to reset my phone to relock it’s bootloader due to a banking app of mine was making a fuss about it, and I didn’t have the keys backed up.
Is there anything I can do here/any third party exchange I could get a small amount of PRV from?

Opps! You should always have your private keys backed up :cold_sweat:

Btw, I just sent you a private message, please check it out. :smiley:

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Sorry to hear about losing your wallet keys. Hopefully you didn’t have a significant amount of money on there. ALWAYS backup your keys.

The following website was put together by a member of the community. You can receive a small amount of PRV from the faucet.

I didn’t lose any actual assets, only the starting PRV. So I’m mostly fine.

The website you mentioned is unfortunately not reachable for me.