Monitor showing weird information for next event

Hello. I have noticed an error with one of my nodes in the monitor.

It says -1 epochs to be pending. It’s been like that for a couple hours.


This is most likely due to not enough nodes being available for Committee and shard 7. It’s like a reward :slight_smile:

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But the last time it earned, according to the monitor, was 11 hour ago in epoch 9568. Maybe there’s a bug related to earnings in this case?

Strange. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I’ve escalated it to the appropriate devs.

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It appears your node is offline but now it is showing 114 epochs.

2023-05-01 10_49_42-Incognito Monitor Nodes - Brave

That’s intended. The node stops if it’s more than 10 epochs to committee. But the earnings error persists. :thinking:. It’s stuck at 9569 without telling its reward.

Please manually bring the node online and then let me know.

It’s online now.

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Perfect. The -1 is gone. What does the Node Power menu show for rewards pending on this node?

I’m actually just hosting it, but I’ll ask to the owner.

What I can tell you now is that the incognito-cli tells me its accumulated rewards are 14.439574707. Is that what you wanted to know?