Missing web app for Dex

I am testing your Dex and i’m glad to say the swap fees are very good for major Monero pairs. One concern i believe is holding back adoption by Monero users is the fact that we need a mobile App to trade. It’s widely known by the privacy conscious that it’s difficult to maintain privacy on a mobile device. Is there any chance of a Web interface being built for the swap feature?

Ideally the web app will work on the Tor browser as well.

I believe this has the opportunity to replace instant exchangers like changenow and others (these are widely used by Monero community) if incognito can work in a browser & swap fees remain competetive.


Please have a look over our newsletter released 2022-05-03T04:00:00Z. In that newsletter we teased a new release that you might find interesting :slight_smile:

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Hey there! Happy to know that you’re using our exchange and be a privacy-minded person. Glad you came!

What products are expected to see in Q2?

  • Web extension
  • Web-based apps, including the exchange :wink:

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