Mindset. Private by Default.

Everything, that I try to express here is my attitude to the common question What does it mean to be private and how to improve a personal privacy layer if I’m bounded by common devices, such as iPhones or Android phones which are not private.

I wish to unite all privacy geeks on this forum and beyond by creating an “Ever-green” thread - Mindset. Private by Default., that will include useful and practical pieces of advice on improvements for Incognito users’ privacy on all types of mobile devices, PCs, and MacBooks.

"Ever-green" thread - a continuously growing forum discussion on a certain (highly important and relevant to forumers’ needs) topic. The specific feature of the thread is its 1st post will be frequently updated by the topic owner with suggested improvements by other people participating in the discussion. This way, we’ll together create a Complete Guide on Privacy and Anonymity for users here.

In particular, I want to find a private setup for iPhone 12, which is not activated yet. I know it’s not private, but I want to start with doing manual restrictions for its settings and commit my 1st step of avoiding using a Mobile provider SIM-card.

What I should and shouldn’t do next with my device I will cover on this topic. Waiting for your suggestions too.

If you want to share experience on how to make other kinds of devices (Android Phones, Windows PCs, MacBooks), I’ll create other related chapters on the 1st post of the thread.


What? I’m sorry, but this post is very hard to understand?

What point are you trying to get across? Trying to ask?

All I could gather is that it involves privacy and the iPhone 12…

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That’s where to start from

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Ok, but what else?

Could you please rephrase what you’re saying? I can’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Iphones cannot be private by default however, because there is closed source surveillance software and data mining built in by factory default, it is impossible to have anything private on an iphone.
Now, if you want privacy on your network, having it mobile only is the worst approach, as mobiles are the least open and the least private systems you can manage finances on. I would suggest to make your network have a web-based emphasis, rather than mobile.

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hey @cusdt.eth and @menerta - I have made changes to the 1st post. I think now it’s more clear.

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bro are you on meth?


Does that look like you’re asking?

do you like panties?

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I don’t think it’s related to the topic. Please, avoid asking these kind of questions here.