Meet Jared, the Incognito community manager

This is a bit of a belated post, but for those of you who are newer here, we wanted to introduce @jared properly, as the core team’s main user-facing member. :star2:

As one of the very first community members, Jared (aka Luke on some socials) has always been among our most active contributors – helpful and welcoming to all since the beginning of the project. When he applied to officially help improve communication between the core dev team and the community, we were really glad to have him on board. He knows the project inside out, is a whizz at node operation, and advocates constantly for better communication and more decentralization.

:wave: You can find him on the forum at @jared. You’ll also find him manning the @Support account, with the help of the core devs if bugs are involved.

:busts_in_silhouette: We thought we’d also take the opportunity to introduce… us. @alias is multiple people – created for the core dev team to collect and respond to community feedback and collaboratively address bigger questions in a hopefully more thoughtful way.

Many of us are not great communicators (to put it mildly), so in an effort to be better, we’re working together on it. For example, sometimes someone will provide expertise or insight on a particular issue, and another will write/edit and publish. We hope this will result in clearer communication and transparency for broader project-related developments and decisions.

So if you have a question or feedback about the project and you’re not sure who to tag - tag @alias. Or send us a PM anytime. Nice to meet you!


I hope you don’t catch multiple personality disorder :joy:

Note: If you have any people suffering from this illness in this community, sorry about this joke. I hope you get well soon.


Happy New Year @alias and thanks for the belated introduction of @Jared.

Jared has been super helpful and very responsive to my many questions that I posted last year on this community forum.

Jared is a valuable conduit to the core dev team and I know I don’t speak for myself when I say we really appreciate you being here for us folks ever since the Growth Team were disbanded.

Hey @alias - do you think we will ever get to a point were we will have a community video call hosted by your team, perhaps before major project milestones/releases somewhat like what @andrey was doing when the Growth Team was in full swing?

Is it just me or does anyone else in this community miss those community video calls?


Would love to have the monthly calls come back.