Longest Non-Earning Streak. [Reigning champion: JG20 at 95 days]

Mine didn’t earn for almost 3 weeks so I feel your pain. It used to earn a few days a week. It sounds like as more nodes go online our chance earnings will become less and less. At this rate my ROI will be at least 2 years LOL.

In all seriousness, I am happy to have the node and be part of the community.


@Ryan_Fuhriman, yeah, as more nodes go online our chances of earning decrease. Bit of bright news, though: next year, I think in April, the devs have mentioned they will free up a few spots currently taken by company-owned nodes; they also will increase the number of shards available. That should really help balance out this spike of new nodes and cratering validator rewards we’re seeing as the platform grows.


It’s been a while again since my pnode has earned. I think almost 3 weeks again at this point.

Sorry to hear that, rolltide! I think the current record is 34 days. Let us know here if you beat that, and we’ll alert the person who awards the badge.

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Hopefully I won’t break it! Ha

Just hopping in here but earlier i was watching the network explorer and saw alot of people still trading BTC > XMR directly and loosing money which could have easily had me loose this app right then. But I stuck around and am just trying to help because I think this could be huge. Just have to make sure those kind of things dont happen to give this a bad rap. Just my opinion…

So I have a vNode that last earned on Jun 21… so I am now at 39 days… so have I earned myself a new badge? Is there a process you go through for verification?


You got it. Congratz, although also sorry you got that unlucky on having this Node selected. Former holder of the badge was @Joe_226

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Its a new record every day :frowning:

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Keep us posted on when it starts earning.

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@Jamie my vNode finally went into Pending, so looks like tomorrow will break the streak Jun 21 to Aug 1 … 40 days is the new goal to beat, I surely hope for everyone else’s sake that is a record that stands for a very long time.


One of mine just went pending as well, ending a 32 day streak tomorrow.
However my newest pNode – which just received the funded stake yesterday evening – is earning today. The older ones got shown up by the youngster, lol.

Welp … except for the one currently sitting at 31 days …

But that does mean two of my pNodes will have gone the entire month of July without earning a single PRV. Good for nothing, electrical freeloaders …




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How do I see if my node is pending?

Its been over a month since I have been waiting to unstake. How do you find you last reward date?

You can use the Telegram bot, Nito built by @Josh_Hamon, @mesquka’s Incognito Tool or @raz’s Node Watcher.

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Enjoy it while you have it my friend…hehehehe…cause I am on the hunt for that badge…aka:…the precious…muhahahaha…:wink:

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I have a feeling the competition is going to be stiff… I actually think of all the badges, this one should come with a PRV reward… maybe someone from staff can add that for future badge “winners”

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Yea I tell you for some twisted reason ever since I first joined the community back in April…that badge…aka …the precious…is for me the most coveted one I desire to get and keep…I know it be sort of twisted for well it denotes you are not earning…I mean we are partly here to well earn some return on our investment…but for me I guess its more about the whole privacy and community and project that I love this community…so yea…the longest non-earning streak badge…aka:the precious…yes…that is my hearts desire…muhahaha… :smiling_imp:


This badge is kind of symbolic. We don’t track your earnings before we reward it, we take your word for it. In theory someone could shut off their node and not earn, or the connection to their node is not stable enough to get selected.

Therefore a reward will not be possible.