List of Shielded Coins in Network?

Do we have any RPC call that provides me with the list of all Shielded Coins in the network? ie the name of the coin and the amount of coins that are shielded? @sid @Support

Hello @anirudh.chauhan!
You can use this api:
With a maximum rate limit of 10 calls per min/IP.
If you exceed these limits, your requests will return an HTTP Status Code 429 and will be blocked for 1 minute.
Thank you!


Hello @elvis.p , Thank you for the info. The API does provide me with the list of tokens and their information like Token id, name, price in USD, etc. Is there an API or RPC call for shielded coin transactions ie Token name and the amount of coins that are being shielded/unshielded?
ie the transactions we see on our explorer page @sid @Support

Hi @anirudh.chauhan , the explorer team will reply you soon.

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May i know why you need this API?
what project/features are you working on?

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Sure i will give you that information in your dm

@khanhj Hey i have sent you a dm, describing the project i am working on for which i needed the api.