Let’s talking about scam token on BSC. Just for curiosity

I Just saw this scam token airdrop on my wallet

it can be swapped on pancakeswap (maybe? I didn’t try)
And I just checked the bscscan

When someone approves token for trades on pancakeswap it burns a lot of bnb for gas fee. And mints CHI token to the contract address, why ¿

What wallet?

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I’m not sure how that relates to Incognito?

Nothing to do with incognito, but it is always interesting to understand the mechanisms and the dangers that smart contracts can represent designed with the aim of scamming.
Here is a very good article that explains the tricks used by scammers:

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It might be good to create a scam alert section, it’s free and can save wallets . These are things that concern the whole cryptosphere and which are unfortunately constantly increasing

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