Jservers vs. own vnode?

What’s the difference between the jservers vnode and ur own vnode how would u start a vnode on ur own computer with different vnodes

There is no difference. They just run and monitor the vnode for you on their servers for a small weekly fee. You can find out how to host your own if you search out something like “how to host your own virtual node” or something like that. The info exists, I just don’t have the link handy.

I heard something about an update so is it better to wait to host ur own after the update or

I would wait. It’s only 6 more hours before the recycling can start.
So you node would be close to syncing before you would be wiping out all the work and restarting.

Oh and yes JServers private nodes are mostly the same as vnodes. We have tweaked some of the script, but it’s more about the hardware and network we use.
Plus we use datacenters around the world to help decentralize the network.

If you run 2 nodes from your home or even on a vps you will only be in one location. We place users nodes in multiple locations so they have coverage from outages.


So it’s probably better do the vnode a though jservers with the small fee

If you can only stake 1 or 2 nodes and you are good technically with networks and firewalls plus have an unused pc about, I would say set it up in your house or buy a pnode or put the PRVs into provide until the node tree is ready. Letting incog fund the stake would allow you to have more nodes to earn from.

Beyond 2 or just not comfortable tweaking your home router firewall or have a low bandwidth internet service, then JServers will be well with the small fee we charge.
However you need to be committed to no less than 2 weeks and better to just go for a full month as that will give a better view of the average performance and ROI you will get.


I can highly recommend jservers :blush::+1:t2:

I had a shard node though them

You mean a pool? Yes, they had pools, but not anymore. Now they only provide full node I’m very happy with.

I think have own vnode is better

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It depend on cost of hosting