Issue with Incognito Site on App

I’m running the latest version of the app but I’m having an issue. I followed a link in the app’s community button. When on the community forum via the app I followed an external link and now I can’t go back to the forum. I’ve tried restarting the app, restarting my phone but nothing fixes it. The arrows to go back don’t work.

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I am having the same issue the back button just takes be back to the home screen. Then when I click community again it just takes me back to the site.

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So the back arrow on the top left takes you back to the home page.
When you scroll up, the bottom will have an area allowing forward and back buttons. That one allows you to go back one page. Top left arrow takes you back to the home page.

That bottom bar does not show up while on the Incscan website inside the app. Atleast not for me on IOS. You can get out by tapping the menu bottom then there is a link back to the forum.

@Jared was talking about the community tab, which is this area which is what I was talking about.
Incscan is another area that wasn’t being discussed. So, you are right in that area, incscan only has that top left button that takes you back to the home page

@ChrisMac is right and is having the same issue that I am referring to.

When on the forum via the app I clicked a link to go to an external website (doesn’t matter what site) and with the recent update to the app (confirmed in Android and @ChrisMac says IOS as well) there are now only 2 buttons to go back. Top left takes you back to the main screen. Bottom right back button is a blue green color and just takes you 1 page back. However, I no longer have access to the forward and back button bar at the bottom of the page.

Hi @Jared

There is an issue with community tab on app that is being discussed here. Please refer to that topic and hopefully it would be helpful for your situation.

If it’s not your thing, can you please provide us with your screen record?
Here is the instruction: