Is there a concept of node seniority?

Looking to cleaning my nodes/keys as I’ve made a bit of a mess during my learning process. I was thinking of making separate keychains per vnode for organizationl purposes. Aside from the transaction fees from moving PRV around while I unstake/restake do I lose anything along the lines of ‘node senority’ by getting rid of my old nodes and spinning up new ones?

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You should have separate keychains for each vNode that you create.

Not at all, there is no perk for having an older node and all nodes (both pNodes and vNodes) are treated the same.

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Sorry, I meant master keys per box hosting vnodes and then separate keychains for each vnode on the box. Thanks for confirming there’s no seniority!

A different seed phrase for each vNode would be excessive in my opinion. If you are worried about your device becoming compromised then I would recommend the following:

  • Seed phrase with individual wallets created for each vNode.

  • Separate seed phrase created on another device that you use only for holding your crypto and rewards. Once you receive X amount of rewards on your vNodes you can transfer them to this seed phrase wallets.

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If you’re running several vNodes, there’s a nice post about how stacking you’re node including a payment address to receive your PRVs. If your node get slashed, or compromised, you’re 1750PRV will be returned to this declared payment address. Hence, you’ll have to secure just one wallet, and with the incoming Ledger Support everything will be worry free. Nice twist as well: no need to funnel your earned PRV, they’ll land in one single address. I know the devs and @Jared are aware about this feature, a bit techy.

Stake - Option in app to funnel rewards to a single account


Not sure if I’m quite ready to dive into that just yet but good to know the options.


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