Integrate "Incognito Mode" for every crypto wallet

Do you know why Google search is integrated into almost every browser around the world?

It’s quite easy, Google built the most advanced search engine on the planet, and when you build a web browser or mobile application you don’t want to reinvent a search engine. Most developers prefer to integrate the existed one and focus on other things to satisfy their users.

Incognito team has spent two years building a universal privacy solution for crypto wallets.

If you are developing a crypto wallet and would like to integrate “one click” privacy mode for digital assets. It’s easier than you might think:

  1. Ping me in twitter or telegram
  2. I’ll share documentation and code templates
  3. We are ready to provide any kind of tech support if needed

Incognito SDK is here.

Get a 1000 PRV bonus for referring a wallet which integrates Incognito Mode

Allow #privacy for all your users!


I think one possible ‘endgame’ for Incognito is to have it incorporated into most wallets.

It’s hard to get their attention now.

What about building a super lightweight version of Incognito as a ‘proof of concept’ or ‘MVP’ that we use to pitch integrations to other wallets?



Integration with other wallets seems like a must.

Take a look at the AZTEC Protocol.

This is a project that is direct competition to Incognito. Similar idea. Wrap any existing crypto asset in a smart contract that creates Zero Knowledge proofs for transaction privacy. Integration with existing wallets is apparently very easy - “Integrate with one line of code, compatible with any EIP712 wallet.”

In terms of integration with other wallets, they are first movers. Incognito should definitely focus some effort in this area to pull in market share from first mover status before AZTEC or another project does so.


@Mike_Wagner integration with other wallets to provide incognito mode in these wallets would be a great ux for users. the users don’t have to leave their favorite wallets; they can still enjoy incognito mode when they want to.

@Grant why is hard to get their attention? i don’t see how a “light-weight wallet demo app” can help us to get their attention or convince them to work with incognito. it’s not that hard to explain the concept of incognito mode for their wallet to them.

instead of spending months and engineering resources building a this “demo wallet”, why don’t we just reach out and talk to them now?


@duy - agreed, but my thought was that it shouldn’t take months to build, and the core team wouldn’t build it. I was thinking someone in the community who has experience building a wallet could put together something very basic to show it off. Either way we should definitely reach out to wallets as well.

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Hi Mike. Can you tell me which ETH wallets that Aztec protocol has been integrated in? Sounds like an amazing topic for me take a deep-dive.

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AZTEC has been integrated in the SwapperD wallet from Ren.

AZTEC has been integrated with Carbon’s API for use with their CUSD stablecoin.


Just check both the projects @Mike_Wagner. It seems like they are all in developing or has switched their direction to not strongly focus on privacy.



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That’s good news for Incognito. Less competition, lol!

I didn’t have much luck finding any other projects incorporating AZTEC. Maybe AZTEC is keeping their partner projects close to their chest now. Or they are like so many other startup projects that release lots of PR but not much actual usage.


What does referring a wallet entail, in order to get a shot at the bonus?

I’m asking because I would like yo refer Coinbase. Maybe that sounds like a lofty idea because of how big the are, but I think it is totally possible.

That would be awesome! We’d be more than happy to reward anyone for referring a direct contact from a wallet team that has stated interest in incognito integration, so we can proceed concretely in more detail and start a technical discussion.

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Oh I see, so ideally we’d have a personal communication line with them in order to make the referral. I don’t have that with Coinbase, but I still think it’d be a good idea if you could get integrated into their app.

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No. But this article explained very clearly. Thank you.