Incognito Seed Recovery in Different Wallets

In general, seed phrases can be recovered through a different wallet than the original it was set up in. For example, the same seed phrase for a D’Cent wallet can be used for recovery funds on the Exodus wallet.

Are the seed phrases in the incognito wallet unique only to the incognito network? Or, if someone were to find my incognito seed phrase, could they use that to gain access to my funds through, lets say, a wasabi wallet, or an exodus wallet?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks

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Mnemonic phrases have standards which use by many wallets, Incognito wallet uses BIP44.
In other words, you can always use one mnemonic phrase for all wallets you have, but it will be like using the same password for all your accounts/services. If you lose one, you lose all.

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So I could use my 12 word seed phrase from incognito and recover my funds on some other company’s wallet that also uses bip44?

Is it wrong to use this link ( to numerically encode my mnemonic words from incognito on a metal plate? Is there a bip44 master word list? or does that matter?

There’s an algorithm to generate a mnemonic phrase, you can’t just pick random words from the word list to make up your own phrase.
If you trying to generate your own mnemonic phrase then I suggest, the max length of the phrase could be up to 24 words and it’s surely compatible with Incognito wallet.

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You can use the same phrase to get access to account other wallet, but it would be like picking a grain of sand in the desert with a blind fold on and hope it would be gold.
There are 2048 words in the word list, there are at least 12 words and up to 24 in a phrase. So you can imagine there’s a gigantic amount of phrase. The chance that your phrase can access an account that has some money is not very promising.
Please correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m not really good at math :smiley:

Also, a phrase is used to generate a key chain, not just one key.

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I’m not trying to generate a new seed phrase. I want to store my seed phrase on a metal plate for security, not on paper, not on a digital device. On metal. On the metal plate, I do not want to use the actual words, I want to use numbers associated with words from the bip39 master list. Is that a proper thing to do. that is all im trying to ask. I think there is some language barrier here.

No, if I lost my phone, deleted the incognito app, could I use my seed phrase from incognito to recover my funds on a…exodus wallet…or a D’Cent wallet…or a Wasabi wallet…?

Sure, you can do this.

I don’t think those wallets support Incognito network, so the answer is no.
For now, if your assets are on Incognito network, you have to use Incognito wallet.

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I think I have a crazy idea.
Because BIP39 word list is well known. Thus, if someone can get a hold on your engraved metal plate, they can easily decode it using BIP39 word list.
So if you can come up with another way to encode your phrase then it would be harder for other people to decode it.
Example, if your phrase has the word ‘cat’ , using the mixed-up alphabet table below, I would encode it as: 1:1|3:2|2:6


great idea, thank you