Incognito needs a mascot.

A cute name or something?
I was thinking “Cog” or “Coggie”
“He” could be the one showing the new user through a tutorial on how to use the app, and when an update happens it could point out the changes.
Cute little mascots are a great way to build a brand!


This brings back nightmares of the Microsoft paperclip. Just when you are about to throw your laptop against the wall, it shows up and ask “hey do you want a hint/help?” GRRR annoying fellow.

But I get your point.


Now because of @Jamie’s comment I want a laugh react button :joy:


C’mon guys, it’s a really good idea!


Haha I wouldn’t mind a help function that’s cleaner than the forum, but that’s not the system right now. The forum is the help.

And I think an app walkthrough like some other apps have where it has a call out box and darkens the background for each step, that would be nice… but for the mascot, I’m not quite on board, but I appreciate throwing the idea out there!

Back in the day that was how tech companies tried to humanize and connect software to an emotion, but now that style of branding is seen a little juvenile :grimacing: haha sorry, I could be wrong though maybe others would disagree

I think it is possible to use a mascot figure in animations. Would be fun

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Haha fair enough, I guess I forgot I made this absurd thing a week ago lol

But to clarify I def do not want this to be a mascot, I just never made an animation and got bored one night, then this creature emerged


@Joe_Moffett, funny you should mention walkthroughs. I’ve been chatting with @thinhkakashi with the marketing team. We are currently in talks about working on some branding guidelines. Part of this would include some walk through videos for the app. I’m finishing up some freelance right now outside my regular job, and then turning my attention to moonlighting that proposal. The world can’t get enough explainer videos in a Covid world fast enough, and definitely keeping me busy lol. But, have no fear. You have at least one motion designer in the incognito community. Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood @Thriftinkid