Incognito is the Best! Wallet and Portal Musings.

Hey everyone,

Long time user at this point, and have always been a fan of this team, the transparency and the direction. Had a couple of thoughts and thought it may be beneficial to share:

  1. Website portal for trading and managing incognito assets. I personally am very worried of sim swapping and like to do all my trading on my home computer where I can be much more private.

    • Are there any plans to get this up and going?
  2. Smart Wallets. I believe that going to exchanges and portals/etc will eventually all be done within a smart contract wallet. Trade from asset A to asset B. “Would you like to use incognito?” —> Yes. All at the L2 price of an Ethereum send. Regardless if it is a staking contract interaction, moving an LP token, etc etc. Who knows, you could turn on privacy by default and it would simply never even ask…

I think Wallets (both mobile and web) have an amazing amount of ground to cover. It would be great if Incognito was the privacy underpinning of all wallets in the future. Like Link is to Oracles, Incognito would be to privacy.


1.) Yes it is being worked on. There are several forum posts regarding a website version of pdex to allow trading not just on mobile devices. This is even mentioned on the dev roadmap.

2.) If you’re referring to a hardware waller, then this also has been mentioned a ton and also on the dev roadmap.