Hybrix is listed on the Incognito DEX

Hello PRV community!

We have added hybrix HY token to the PRV ecosystem, and enjoy seeing more and more decentralized trading possibilities materialize. Also outside of Ethereum, where currently a lot of the market is, but where transaction fees are very high.

So what is hybrix?
The hybrix protocol enables one token to exist on all chains. It is technically borderless, and not restricted to any single distributed ledger. We are completing the functionality of our protocol, and soon hybrix will start transacting across ledgers.

Where is hybrix listed?
You can find HY on PRV under the pairs PRV/pHY and pUSDT/pHY. If you would like us to list other pairs, give a shoutout, and we’ll do our best to expand hybrix availability on Incognito. Furthermore we are also available over at Biki (centralized), and Uniswap (decentralized on Ethereum).

PRV on hybrix?
Currently the hybrix platform supports over 30 native chains, and their corresponding token systems (more than 450+ legitimate tokens). PRV crypto is not yet one of them. We welcome developers that are familiar with PRV to contact us and make PRV available to the cross-ledger ecosystem! You can find more technical information at: api.hybrix.io

Informative links
Here is some more information about hybrix.
:page_with_curl: Whitepaper: hybrix.io/en/docs/papers/whitepaper
:face_with_monocle: Executive summary: hybrix.io/en/docs/papers/executive-summary
:money_with_wings: Tokenomics: hybrix.io/en/docs/papers/tokenomics

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!