How to use 1750 PRV to stake on pNode

My light is steady blue, don’t think I’ve seen it flicker.
When mine earns, I can hear it a little bit if I just so happen to be near it, otherwise it’s completely silent.

When you earn, you’ll be selected for 1-3 epochs which lasts for 4 hours in total regardless of number of epochs. The most I’ve ever earned with my 35% node is around 11ish PRV during one 4 hour earning session.

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Is there any way to verify it is working? It has been running for a week, but nothing seems to have changed.

Hi I need to check if my node is working.
when I check my public key it says node not found.


How long ago did you go through the setup process?

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set it up on 9/4 about 72 hrs ago.

I have the same question. It has been over a week since I set mine up.

Mine says node not found also and I set mine up either thursday or friday, I am assuming that it hasn’t been staked yet in my case,
did you use this tool to check it?

Yes, I tried that one and the Nito Telegram bot. I assume my node is not staked either. It doesn’t show an “Unstake” option in the “. . .” menu.

Thanks @Mike_Wagner & @Jerry_Watson for the input.

Let me modify it a little bit: The Unstake option will not appear until after your Node was funded 1750 to start staking.


Thanks for the clarification @Peter.

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Hi @Firehorse @mythkw @krazykrista, pNode used Funded staking (pNode Staking Mechanism). Once it was setup successfully, we will start funding your Node with 1750 PRV.
As it is still a manual process, there may have some delays. But we hope that the automation will be available around this month for both pnode staking/ pnode withdrawal.

I believe that your Node can be monitored here: or Nito bot from now. Please check again.


I see it now. Thank you very much!


@Peter thanks a bundle, can find my node now, how exciting!


After it has been unstaked is it still has to earn one more time before the PRV can be returned?

And where do the PRV return to? The node wallet keychain?

When you request to unstake your node it must enter into committee and then it will be unstaked after.


I never requested it it to be unstaked. It was done without my knowledge. But I would still like it to be unstaked. As of today, my node turned gray, not active, which means it’s unstaked. When can I expect the PRVto return?

Was this a self funded or Incognito funded pNode?

The system automatically slashed your node due to poor performance. It can be restaked after syncing fully with the network.

Read this for more information:

I want it unstaked to get my PRV back. I paid for the P-Node

I still need to know the following to assist you further.

Please consider opening a support ticket by messaging the @Support account so we do not derail this thread.