How to Track Your Incognito Rewards Through Google Sheets V2

V3 has been released here.

The new google sheet is here! I made the sheet a little more streamlined with drop down options so you aren’t bombarded with so much info. Also, some new features! Just select which sections you need to see. Here are the updates:

  1. PDEX Trading - Track your current trading balances on here in USD, EURO, or AUD.
  2. Node Tracking Data - Track up to 20 Nodes at once
    1. Current Node Status (w countdown to next random selection)
      Waiting to be selected
      About to Earn Rewards
      Earning Rewards
      Node Offline
    1. Total Number of Earnings
    1. Average Days Between Earnings
    1. Days Since Last Earning
    1. Earn Total
      PRV Earn Total
      USD Earn Total
    1. Earn Average
      PRV Earn Average
      USD Earn Average
    1. ROI
      ROI Current
      ROI Year Projection
    1. Total initial investment
    1. Current accrued interest
    1. Total current investment
    1. ROI
      ROI Current
      ROI Year Projection
  1. Conversion Rates - Current PRV & USD rates for any coin. You can also compare two coins to each other.
  2. Investment Pools - Get the current total liquidity & volume of all pools, or you can select individual pools.

I added some random data like before, so you can see what’s going on, please let me know if you find any errors. I’m currently working on graphical views for all the node data, but I thought this might be useful to get out there as-is for now. Hope this helps!

From your friendly neighborhood @Thriftinkid


Thank you for this! I was going to make my own today if I had time but this is perfect.

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I am sure it is a great job, and for those who trust google, great!
Last place in the universe I want anything to do with!
Thought we were Incognito?


Good stuff @Thriftinkid

Read the read me, quick question. Is your “PRV EARN AVERAGE” the actual amount that node has earned in total, or is it a monthly return?


Its neither. The earn total column is where you would see the actual total amount your node has made over its lifetime. The earn average is based on the total amount your node has made over its lifetime divided by the total amount of times its actually earned. For example, lets say your node got seleced 3 times in the last month. 1st time it made 10 PRV, 2nd time it made 20 PRV, and the 3rd time it made 30 PRV. Your earn average would be 20. However, if you switch over to the year projection, you can see a more accurate long term projection per month. It uses your earn average and days between earning average to figure out how much you would potentially earn each month. Obviously the more data you add, the more accurate itll get. Starting out, those numbers will swing pretty wildly


Thanks for pulling this together @Thriftinkid - Awesome Stuff!

However, if you want to work out ROI, we also need to consider adding a section that includes the “Investment Input costs” such as:
a) Electricity costs and
b) Internet Broadband usage costs
Electricity & Broadband costs will vary by country.

Perhaps you could consider this as “Optional” data points in your next update of your Google Sheet?

Also, do you have any recommendation for how I can easily make a version of this Google Sheet that converts fiat values into my local currency, Australian Dollars (AUD)?

I’m sure as the community grows, others will want to be able to use this Google sheet and have the data in there local currencies.

Perhaps you can look into integrating the GOOGLEFINANCE formula for currency conversion (see here for more details - ) and make is easy for users of your Google Sheet by having them select their local currency and you’ll work the magic in the backend to convert USD into local currency.

I’m not a spreadsheet expert so I wouldn’t know how to do this. Just a thought.

Thanks again for building this Google Sheet, it’s amazing !!!


Great stuff!!! Loving this, thanks for the contribution!


Hey @Linnovations great idea with the additional expenses! As for conversion rates, I’m pulling that data from google finance already. I’ve only seen a request for Euro on here so far. I added AUD for you.


Fixed a small error in the total year amount in the investing section. It wasn’t adding the interest in the year projection view. It has been fixed. @sid is 20 nodes going to be enough for you? I can add more lol


@Thriftinkid - this is awesome, thank you for developing V2 of this spreadsheet. I’ll use some time the following weekend to load some of my node info into this new spreadsheet. I certainly don’t need more than 20 nodes but I am sure there are some silent members out here who live by the definition of this project (incognito) - who may well be hosting 20+ nodes (30, 40, 50, more?). Not sure how much of work that adds up for you and this is indeed not a priority, as it will serve the needs of most of the community members (including me)! :slight_smile:


@Thriftinkid The GSheets seems not to exist anymore or is private now. Do you want to make it available again? It was super helpful.

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