How to launch and connect your Vultr Instance

1. Log in your Vultr Account

Create one if you don’t have

2. Click “+” to deploy a new server

3. Choose "Cloud compute"

4. Pick a location that is near yours
For example, I am in Asia, I choose “Singapore”

5. Choose "Ubuntu - 19.10 x64"

6. The recommendation of the server is 4 CPUs, 4 GB Ram, and 100 GB SSD. We choose "$40/mo"

7. Leave the rest as default. Click on "Deploy Now"

8. Wait for a while

Once it is running, click “Manage

Use this information (IP & Password) to ssh to your instance

You can open Terminal on macOS or PowerShell on Window to ssh as below:

ssh [email protected](your IP address)

Then type “yes”. Copy and paste the password of your instance


@Chucky where would I find the terminal if I were to set it up.

Hi @Jan_Sokolovits

If you are using MacOS:
If you are using Window:

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How do I open PowerShell

@Jan_Sokolovits Here’s how:

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I would recommend Putty for SSH connections to your server.

Putty allows saving server credentials for faster login and helps to keep things organized and easy. If you wish to setup passwordless logins it’s a breeze with putty.

Putty also allows more connections than just SSH.


I agree with what @Jared said I personally use putty for ssh connections.

That being said, Vnodes are for experienced tech users @Jan_Sokolovits, the node may fail and go down or the vpn provider might have hiccups, you might have to change your servers specs as time goes by, you may also need to upgrade firmware whenever a patch is available and it can be quite the process. If you are not too familiar with running a node instance id suggest going with the pNode, it is alot simpler to set up.