Helium hotspot

My internet provider has just now informed me that that miners are not allowed and caused my internet to stop working. Will it put up the same road blocks with incognito node when I get it or? Can I set it up using vps?

If you don’t mind answering which ISP are you with? I just setup a helium hotspot yesterday.

Side note: if you got the Rak miner it’s actually a rpi 4 which has plenty of uses outside of mining for helium.

I have midco

That sounds suspicious to me. My internet service technician was not only curious and impressed with my pNodes, but he wanted more info to get in on it himself. He said NOTHING about them being detrimental or not allowed. I would switch companies if I were you, or at least call customer service and let th know this happened, as well as checking the veracity of that statement.

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In which countries providers do that?
You could try with a vpn+ encryption. Keep informed if you dodge :wink:

I spoke to them just now they say because of certain stuff certain devices are not allowed on the network I use midco I found a video of how to set up hotspot with Digital ocean and usa

Are the helium hotspots or (rak miners) legit for achieving earnings greater than cost?

Depends on the antenna maybe

@JG20 I can send you a referral link to have a RAK miner sent to you for free. It’s through a third party that takes a portion of your earnings but retail value is $250. They even cover shipping.

I ordered two and now this

hey @Jan_Sokolovits have they gave you more details about reasons and conditions ?

Interesting how do they define “miners”. Bitcoin miner, Incognito pNode and Helium might have different definition )

My brother said is cause a high utilization causing a high rate of data loss but both my isp and router say I should be good to go and mine but I don’t want to get my network taken down again