GROWTH IDEA: Educate Authors at Blockworks and other Crypto Publications + Privacy Advocates on YouTube

Hello @incognito Growth Team,

I was reading this very interesting article published by Blockworks a few days ago.

The article was focussed on Crypto Mixers and Privacy Coins

The article mentioned the following projects

  • Tornado Cash ($TORN)
  • Monero ($XMR)
  • Zcash ($ZEC)
  • Secret Network ($SCRT)
  • Oasis Network ($ROSE)

But no mention of Incognito, which I feel could be a missed opportunity.

Is Incognito’s marketing strategy to remain out of the spotlight, or is the project ready for some scrutiny by having more media attention?

If it’s the later then here is my idea:
The growth team should begin to compile a list of names of authors of Crypto main stream media that are “Privacy focussed” or like to talk about “Privacy” related technology. If you need help from the community then perhaps you could ask and we can add names and contact details about these privacy advocates as comments below or on a separate post.

For example, the Author of the article above is:
John Gilbert (Blockworks) -

This reach out to these folks to tell them and educate them on Incognito.
For the very high profile writers/youtubers , give them a pNode Limited Edition.

Once have a list of a dozen or so, start comms with these writers/YouTubers/etc… show them the Mobile App in action and experience the mobile swaps and earn capabilities, they will be more inclined to write about the Incognito Network and thus we get more folks coming in a staking their coins into Liquidity Pools. This then feed the narrative around dramatic adoption, with more people using and providing TVL.

Food for thought…


Hi @Linnovations :wave:,

Thank you for being with us from the very beginning :pray:. Your thought is exactly what Growth Team relentlessly executed during Q2, even until now. We, in fact, have a list of potential reporters, influencers, agencies who may pitch the project’s upsides to new community. However, although invitations have been sent, those who Incognito highly evaluated and want to partner rarely respond.

I believe we need some close connection to help us penetrate the communication barrier. So if you- or any user in the community - help introduce Incognito to any of valuable reporters/ influencers/ agencies, I will do all I can to expedite the collaboration.

Incognito’s rewards are always there waiting for partner to claim if they provide objective thinkings, reviews or help drive positive results for the community. So I’m happy to discuss further with you on Tg (in your free time) regarding this :handshake: