Forum loading performance

I don’t know whether it is specific to me but the forum is loaded slowly at both work and home. FYI

hmm… now that you mentioned it… it does feel a little sluggish. since we switched to this new site format in february, the pageview has been growing so much more. let’s make the site run faster @binh @ning :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


This is a known weakness of the Discourse platform. Its a robust web app and like other apps it needs time when you load it, faster when you navigate.

yeah, discourse was used because it’s the fastest way to test out if this is the right medium for the community. you’re right – it’s so limited. it’s also very difficult to customize it.

if this medium proves to be working out well for the community, we’ll build our own page based on what we learn from this very experiment.

we need to wait a bit more to see how all the pieces are playing out, but i think the new web site will be a combination of community discussion (like discourse), DAO (voting and reviewing proposals fully integrated), some on-site native papps (like DEX and Wallet), and a papp browser for developers’ papps.

I believe Discourse was an excellent choice. Its a sophisticated piece of software.

You could write plugins for it or even fork the whole code base and create a custom Discourse instance, its all open-source.

Please consider creating the DAO on-chain like Aragon or Moloch. I saw they are in the roadmap already, but imo its important to design the Incognito DAO fully independent from any website, living on the Incognito chain only.

yeah, DAO will be on-chain. the site is merely an interface for it.

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Not true for me. Each topic is usually loaded slowly. Up to the last week, it was not so slow.

hi @abduraman, first time load maybe slow.
so from second time, the site load quick.
also can you help me to check TTFB ?


thank you, we still improve to make the site run faster.


Hey @binh, thanks for your care. I’ve noticed that I have another connection problem related with my ISP. I’m waiting for technical service. If the issue still persists after the repair, I’ll share TTFB with you.