Feature Request - Node Monitor Notification system or API

Node Monitor has been an invaluable tool for us validators but we could use some more robust features. Ideally, if there could be a way to get a notification when a node is not in “latest” mode, so that we can be notified of unhealthy sync states without having to always check constantly.

Short of the team implementing this themselves in to node monitor, then perhaps an API for accessing “sync state” so that someone else can build an app or way to monitor the sync state and set up a notification (perhaps via telegram). Right now, I don’t believe there is currently an API available.

Right now other then checking manually, I only know of an unhealthy state when a node gets slashed and NITO BOT informs me, at which point I check node monitor and see that i have a big problem. And typically it is too late at that point to prevent 1 or more nodes from getting slashed.


Hello @brico84,

I’ve forwarded your questions/suggestions to the devs. :raised_hands:

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Excellent ideas @brico84!

I am a huge fan of the Node Monitor site - https://monitor.incognito.org/node-monitor

Hey @Jared, whilst you are asking the Devs about these ideas, I have a few others for consideration to improve the Node Monitor.

  1. Clickable Column Headings to we can sort the rows (A-Z)

  2. Please enable a way to export/import (via XML)
    This will be a huge time saver when setting up a new browser (or when you delete all cookies and cache etc). The hassle to copy-n-pasting all the public keys can be quite time consuming for those of us running lots of nodes. I can’t take credit for this idea as it was brought up by @abduraman ages ago.

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Currently the best way to backup all keys is the following:

Browser menu > More Tools > Developer Tools > Application > Storage > Local Storage > Copy the line that says persist:tableNodeMonitor


Thx @Jared , however, I don’t think that will work if I switch browsers from Chrome to Firefox?
But that’s OK. I’m in the process of de-Googling, so I may switch to Brave instead.


Any response from the devs @Jared ?

Really wish this feature existed. Need some way of being notified when a node is stalling.

The Node Monitor is getting a bit of a rework. I’ll ask the devs if an API can be exposed.