Fastest coin for shielding/unshielding

In your experience, which coin has been the fastest and most reliable to shield and unshield?

I’m trying to find a different primary coin for this purpose as anything ERC20 has not been the best, though support has been very helpful in those circumstances.

Never had issues with BTC, XMR and LTC. But be careful about liquidity as you don’t want to shield a token with very low to 0 liquidity in pDEX cause then you can’t exchange it without huge slippage.


I always use dash to send coins from A to B if I can switch them at the target. Pretty fast and very low transaction fees.

Yeah dash is great, but keep liquidity in mind in case you want to deposit/withdraw bigger amounts, as dash only has about $33k liquidity right now

Once liquidity v2 / pdex v2 are launched, then it should become more efficient to swap bigger amounts with less slippage on smaller pools (think uniswap v2 vs. v3)