False withdrawal notifications

For quite some time, I have been periodically receiving withdrawal notifications that do not apply to me. It seems at least once every few weeks I will get a normal Incognito notification that says I successfully withdrew some PRV, even though I didn’t initiate a withdrawal. It is sometimes for amounts greater than what I have available. I always check my balances when this occurs and everything is accurate and as it should be.

The only thing I can figure is that these are notifications for other users that are being erroneously sent to my app.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I don’t get notifications of swaps or withdrawals from provide - haven’t for ages (though I used to). I think the only notifications I get are for adding coins to provide.

Sorry for the issue you’re encountering. Currently, the notification in the app is using google firebase. We are planning to remove them from the app to ensure privacy.

This is an unwarranted error and we will fix it asap.

Currently, the swap function will not receive notifications for security reasons.


Agreed, I have not received notifications in app for withdrawals for months. I think when they switched to the new pdex.

I miss the withdrawal notifications. It was an easy way to know which node has had the PRV sent to the account. Currently I have to either write it down before hitting withdrawal, or remember which nodes are withdrawing. This wouldn’t be an issue if the feature to funnel rewards to a single account was added to the app, but currently it is not. So not having the notifications kind of sucks…

Just FYI, this happened again 3 times yesterday alone.
It’s not a big deal to me, as I’ve come to expect it, and I just check my balances to be sure it’s the normal erroneous message.

But for a new user, I imagine this would be very unsettling.

hi @drusin What function do you receive notifications for?

Provide withdrawal

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hi @drusin the problem has been solved, if you still encounter anything unusual, please notify us. Thanks for your contribution.