Extra Security layer

Hi ya Everyone,

I was wondering if it was at all possible to add an extra security layer like what Celsius has added a few months ago called HODL Mode where you need a given Pin number and you can’t withdraw funds for several days after unlocking the Pin number…
It’s just I get a little nervous as I just keep adding funds to the Incognito account and I would feel a little better in case my phone is lost/broken or stolen I would still have several days to be up and running again and have the funds be protected in the meantime from any withdrawals being attempted in that time…

I have no computer knowledge or skills so not sure how easy or hard this would be to implement but would appreciate it if it is at all possible some time with app upgrades. :blush:


I know in the settings menu there is an option for setting a passcode to access the app. Not sure of that’s what you’re looking for but it’s there.

I could see what you mean by if your phone gets taken and kind of like how some banks you can freeze your account if your card gets stolen/lost/compromised.


Hey JFinky2,

Thanks for your reply :+1:
Yes, I already have the passcode and fingerprint set up but would be interested in this HODL Lock function as extra security…

I see they are going to have Ledger support coming up soon so I’m not sure if that works similarly to Ledger Live access if so that would be just as good I think if not better :blush:

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Well, to be honest that extra security can’t hurt… Of course it should be optional in nature! :sweat_smile:

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