Expanding web presence: New websites for the community.

Great work, love it


Are Incognito team members involved in creating the text? Or will they be before it goes live?

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The site will be send out for review to those who like to participate before we start promoting it. Would you help us as well @Jamie ?

Otherwise we are happy to receive feedback from anyone here.

The future of this site is community-based, we published it on Github and we welcome developers to make improvements & fixes in the future.

ZGEN is primarily a programmer DAO, and aim to continue making spotlight pages, ecosystem tools and commercial applications & maintain them in uprising corners of the crypto space.

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Looks great, definitely has the look and design needed for the mass appeal and audience!

I loved the idea of incognito and am getting involved, but always thought the same thing, it needs the flash for the non community members.

That being said I think the incognito team’s original plan of growing the movement and product through a group of like-minded privacy individuals is attributing to the success. Would love to see both continue the way it looks like it is! Again great job!


love this! any of the core team can give input on stuff like numbers so they are accurate, but the message should be something community created. :partying_face:


With Ning’s answer above, things are fine as they are. Keep up the good work.


New update:

  • Made the website available online.
  • Finished the mobile optimization.
  • Cleared the concept about being a spotlight page, bought the domain.

Live version: https://incognito.spotlight.page/

We will finish the website early next week, things left:

  • Animations
  • Mobile screen recordings
  • Refreshing copywrites & reviews

Devs could join the development here: https://github.com/liszper/incognito-community-landing

The development doesn’t stop once we published the page, further ideas & suggestions are welcomed by the community.


Hey this is awesome! Looks really clean and is a great landing page for people new to the network and wanting to learn about it. When Ive wanted to refer friends to Incog, I haven’t had a good place to show them with all the info in one spot, this will help with that.


Exactly. our motivation was the same. :slight_smile:


Hey @raz, thank you for the good work! We have just released your funding. Please kindly check!


Thank you @annie ! I got it yesterday, although we are not finished yet. Will announce once its available for review. :slight_smile:


Amazing work, @raz, liked it a lot. Beautiful, clean and objective.

I thought that too, now we have it! I :partying_face:


Hey everyone!

New update: A fancy animation is available at the top of the site.

Check it out: https://incognito.spotlight.page/


@Ducky Please add this website as well to the July Builders :slight_smile: Thanks!


This is awesome man really great work here! This is 100% something that Incognito has been missing for a while now and when I first heard about the project I thought it was very weird that the website was just a forum with very little info and fairly difficult to navigate.

But just my 2 cents here though: I wouldn’t include Binance - or the entire “You Are In Good Company” section for that matter - if it was me. Just because in terms of being a ‘decentralized’ product, being connected to the word Binance almost discounts all of the intended credibility of being decentralized. Not to mention the other names on the list (and the fact that currently none of them are “clickable” which might suggest that Incognito doesn’t have a partnership or anything and is merely ‘name-dropping’ to make the project look more legit).

I dunno that’s just me though. I would definitely take that entire section right out - and the overall page might even flow better if there was the “Our Ecosystem” section right underneath the “Questions” section anyhow. Anyways that’s just my opinion and in no way do I mean for my criticisms to detract from my appreciation and praise for putting the whole thing together. Cheers!


Good thoughts, @Bruno what do you think?

I personally like Binance and respect what they do. Their wide service spectrum & educational materials made me a supporter.

That’s nice with the block creation animation. I would replace the app screenshot in the Incognito Wallet section to honor its new look now :).

great work! appreciate it :heart:

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I really like this website. I use to share it a lot with friends to give them a quick overview about our project. Thus it would be great if it could get an update at least every two weeks or so (just update the price for PRV etc.). If necessary I could also take care of that if @raz has no time to do it.