Expanding web presence: New websites for the community.

1. What problem are you solving?

Update: This website will be under our domain, sponsored by the Incognito foundation. (According to this I lowered the funding amount.)

The main page of incognito.org is about collaboration and not about describing the project to new users. It could be a bit confusing to understand the working and motivation of the project.
Important links like the Q1 pitch or “How to host your vNode?” are not trivial to find.

2. What is the solution?

Me and my team will create a website (on a separate domain) which is ready to share on Social Media, easy to understand and has a good conversion.

A Step-by-Step guide to Incognito.

The main goals of this website is to introduce new members to the following things: Join the forum -> Download the app -> Shield your coin -> Buy PRV -> Buy a pNode or host your vNode -> Share your ideas -> Get funding

3. Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

All the content is accessible today, but not organized and sometimes hard to understand.

4. Who are you?

I am a young entrepreneur, I have a small team of programmers and creatives.

5. Why do you care?

Why Incognito? I respect what the cypher punks believed, and I think the crypto community should earn back its privacy.
I am looking to invest in Incognito, but also want to secure my investment with active contributions. Our team is growing, so we have capacity.
I will not cash out any PRV to cover my expenses. I see this as an opportunity to buy.

6. What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

I am going to accomplish this goal as soon as possible.
First milestone is a design preview of the site with dummy texts. We will contact @aaron after that and post the first results here.
(We don’t use templates or Wordpress. The website will be made from sketch.)
Second milestone is publishing the first version of the site.
Third milestone is the final version of the website.

The project will close in one month.
The source code of the project will be posted here during the work. You will be able to follow our progress.
We publish the site with automation, so if some of you with the permissions make a push to the repository it refreshes the live version. I think this is a good way to let community members contribute in the long-term.

7. What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly Cost
Preview 0 PRV 1
Live version 0 PRV 1
Final version 1000 PRV 1
Maintaining 0 PRV 1 0 PRV

8. Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

9. Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

We will collaborate with other members of the community, but I only planned our part of the budget.


Wow. Nice job! :clap:


Do you think that getting rid of the thread-based website (or forum) like we have now would not encourage the community to share their ideas for project development?


Hi @raz :wave:

Really good proposal. I vote for ideas

  • step-by-step guide for new users (content and explanation focused)
  • a web DEX (we got many requests for launching a web version on a DEX based on incognito chain)

But I am not fully get if you plan to develop the websites and fill the content with your team or just providing the domains ? :sweat_smile:


I think the current thread based website is awesome! I am talking about commercial websites for marketing purposes to onboard much more people.


I plan to develop them fully, but We are open to collaborate with anyone from our community. We better ask someone native speaker here to help us with the copywrite.
This proposal is just an introduction, I will plan and release much more detailed ones later, based on your responses.


I love the idea!


Don’t want to rain on your parade, but we had a fully commercial landing page with video, images and all the other bling bling. Then we decided to not so much promote the company, but privacy as a movement and changed to this forum kind of landing page. We want to see how it improves communication between the team and the users, and among users themselves.

“Experiment” as in “don’t follow the crowd but try different approaches” would be Incognito’s middle name if it had one.

That said, the more exposure the better, 100% agree.
@aaron is sort of working on the same thing but more related to social media platforms where you want to create new websites. You two should talk.


Like what @Jamie said, we had a great commercial website but it didn’t meet our goal of reaching a specific audience (at least somewhat experienced crypto users who care about privacy).

That said, I do think we can collaborate. Domains are always useful for redirects, and we’ll have to check with @andrey and @ning, but having more materials for different audiences to use would be great. We can take your ideas like the guide for new users, the web DEX, and the crypto developers pitch and just reshape them somewhate to fit.

We do have a blog for SEO purposes that is hidden, the manifesto is like what you can find here, and the chatroom is basically this site.


I appreciate your valuable reply, and really like what you just said.

I see Incognito as a whole different kind of project. It is something which brings us back to the beginning of crypto. Any of my future contributions will be build according to the project’s philosophy, which is kinda related to mine.

I am a Linux user since I was born, and still actively donating to the Wikimedia foundation. What you guys started with Incognito is absolutely mindblowing and I want to be a part of it.

You decide how I could start contributing, making websites is a possible way, but I could run small-medium sized media campaigns too.


Okay, Let’s start with the new user guide. I will probably ping you on Telegram with more details.


Hi @raz,

Thanks for submitting the proposals. Could you please revise the proposal to clarify your deliverables? Right now it’s a bit vague for us to vote funded or not.

For example, what the completion/ preview of a website means? Do you need any other resources from us like copywriting,…

Looking to receiving your updates!



Hello @annie I updated the proposal, please read it again. I hope you can vote now!

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Oops @raz! Sorry I missed your message. We will be reviewing it tomorrow and update you soon!



Hey @raz do you have any reference to see how it would look like ?

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Hey Andrey,

That is a main part of the work. We need a few days minimum to create the first preview with design and a nice user experience.

We could start the work and you don’t have to pay if you don’t like it or before you are satisfied with the preview.

The preview will cost 300 PRV if you want the actual website.

Update: I realized you asked for reference works, so I contacted you in private.


The following comment is a recent reply from a private thread with @andrey

I aimed to create a website which is educational, a starting point for new users, no longer to read than 5-10 minutes.

I proposed this first because I feel an extensive need for a site like this. Currently I should describe Incognito to every new people I talk to, because knowledge is hidden all over the forum and even if there was an all-in-one document, most of the influencers don’t want to spend an hour reading it.
The website would not feature the team or become something like a landing page, but more of a presentation type.

You could reject the project, I would accept it easily and move on to another proposal in the coming weeks.

I feel like I have to build this page anyway, but without a funding it will take more time.

I have read about the team’s background and also downloaded your old landing page from github to check it out, and it was easy to see why it didn’t work. It felt like a sales page for a hardware product.
Incognito is the next-step in crypto, many people I talked to are totally amazed by only the fact that It has a working sharded PoS and how easy it is to manage validators. I am involved in 2 other validator communities and those projects are nuts compared to this technology, still they are much more hyped and understood by people.

I can relate to a goal oriented mindset like yours, “onboarding thousands of technical users” Is what all of us want, but funding this goal is a bit pointless. You could only fund steps toward it.


Hey @raz! I just wanted to check back in and clarify with you.

I like your proposal, but I’m thinking we should have it be something independent. Meaning, it can be done and funded here in the community, and share here, but you/your team can have your own brand that is dedicated to Incognito, driving people here.

Things like the step-by-step guide, reviews, and other content hosted on your websites that drives people here would be awesome. That way more people can come across incognito from a source that isn’t just us promoting ourselves.

Does that make sense? What do you think?


Thank you @aaron, this is a great idea!

I discuss it with my team. We are working on our public appearance now. Our facebook page debuted with 350 followers in a few days. Probably it is a rational thing to do our own Incognito related Brand in collaboration with the core team and community. It could attract more people if we expand beyond the foundation.


I updated the proposal, please check it out. I lowered the funding as it will be a sponsorship, not a sale.

I really like this direction, I hope the core team will like it too.