Expanding the website

Hey everyone - quick heads up that we’ll be shifting the focus of incognito.org to the pDEX and expanding the content a little. What we have now is in a bit of a weird gray zone - not fully committing to the forum + not making info readily available. We’re getting about 100k monthly visitors now, so it’s probably time to dust off the old welcome mat.

Some changes should go live next week. It will all remain fairly minimal and community-centric, but we hope this change will make important information more easily accessible (and digestible) to people interested in utility.

We’ll improve it as we go along, and will probably experiment with different user-friendly angles over time. Feel free to share your thoughts!

Nothing changes for forum users, we’re still at we.incognito.org, and you will be able to access it directly from the main domain in the footer, the about us page, and the app of course.



The website was the biggest reason I did not join incognito for 6+ months after I first attempted to understand it. The forum is a great way for the community to interact but not a great way to have guided help and frequently asked questions, provided by the team as an official guide and answer (which is important until you get to ‘know’ the contributors here.)