Ecosystem Tools

Hi All!
I’ve been working on an ecosystem toolkit for Incognito. I’ve just finished the latest batch of updates.

Here’s my current roadmap:

  • Add labels for nodes
  • Adjust collapsed nodes view to make it easier to scan
  • Separate storage of preferences and data cache so they can persist through app updates.
  • Add token images to token page
  • Add market cap to dashboard page
  • Add epoch block counter
  • Create price history API
    • InfluxDB backend
    • Update price charts to use new API
  • Merge settings page into node page
    • All actions in the settings page relate to the node page so there isn’t a need for it to be seperate
  • Add Node Wizard
    • Detect if direct connection is needed
      • Walk through enabling mixed content
    • Add option for mining node status to use address only
      • Only lets reward information be displayed, but doesn’t require connection to node
  • Cache node BLS key
    • If node is unreachable use BLS key to fetch rewards
  • Connection status
    • Display status indicator on the various elements to indicate loading/failed connection
  • Handle connection failures/network errors
  • Convert to progressive web app for offline use
  • Package PWA as mobile app

If you’d like something changed/added/updated please comment. If there’s something that’s already on the roadmap or has been said by someone else, comment anyway so I know what to prioritise.


On Telegram someone has asked that I change the collapsed nodes view back to the table format as it makes it easier to see info at a glance.

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I like the new layout on collapsed nodes menu, it just needs the “role” field back, so you can tell a nodes status, IMHO


The old format helped to better see what PRV was earned across all nodes, at a glance.

Some suggestions:
-each row layed out one on top of the other, like before, so eyes dont have to scan back and forth. (I.e. Layed out the same way Nodes are layed on in the Incognito app, top to bottom.)
-only PRV showed in collapsed view. Other crypto amounts shown in expanded view only, because amounts are so negligible to not be important immediate information. (But great that you added those!)
-the node “Role” brought back to the Collapsed view, instead of being moved to Expanded. This is very important info needed.

I use this tool every day for my 8 nodes so I’ve become accustomed to getting information from it at a glance, throughout the day.

What does everything think? @mesquka @doc


Another minor feature would be able to give each node a “nickname”, rather than the URL or domain. My problem was in the collapsed view, the domain name was so long it is clipped and are hard to know the specific node identity (especially if they use the same IP but on different ports. It could default to IP/Domain name, but if user adds a nickname it is used in collapsed view, rather than the IP/domain.


I can see how having 8 nodes a table view where columns lined up wold make it easier to to verify status in a glance.


Another stretch feature would be to add Slack integration. I currently have a bash script on one of my vNodes that uses a slack app to send me a message on “role” or “PRV” change. Its a single REST endpoint, with a different json message payload. It is awesome to get realtime alerts.

I understand that all code is running on client side, so it would only be able to call the Slack endpoint if the client was running on a computer… but might be a nice addition for those who like the realtime updates on their mobile device, when they leave the website up and running on laptop/desktop.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make the status and PRV earned easier to scan through in the collapsed view as that seems to be the most requested at the moment.

The code for the frontend is client side at the moment, but I’m planning out a server side component. Perhaps the notifications system would work best as a telegram bot?


I’ve gotten a few bug reports about the nodes view and app showing different amounts. I think I’ve found the cause of this problem, if anyone on desktop experiences this issue, could you do the following:

  1. Right click on the webpage and click inspect element
  2. Click ‘network’ in the pane that appears
  3. Check for an error message starting in POST https://cors-proxy... and ending in 404 (Not Found)
  4. DM me with a Yes I see the error message or No I don't see the error message (here or @mesquka on telegram)



Awesome, thanks.

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@doc @mesquka This would be AWESOME. Seriously, it would be so useful, getting realtime notifications of a node status change. For me, just being notified when it goes into Committee would be great. Just my two cents.

This would also be extremely useful!


Just to keep everyone in the loop. I haven’t been able to work on this further at the moment due to other responsibilities that have cropped up from current world events. I haven’t abandoned it and hope to be able to start working on it again soon.

Some other things, @inccry great work with, I’ve got a price history API in the works but it seems like we’d be doubling up on work. If it’s alright with you can I use your endpoints for that (


I hope you and your family are safe.

Yes, no problem to use it. Please let met know if you need CORS support for this endpoint.